Hello. It’s me.

I want to tell you all that I’m busy again with¬†another set of important exams¬†this time (can you believe it’s been four years since I’ve started this blog?), as important as the one I took four years ago, and much harder. I’ve been on an awful long hiatus and neglecting this blog, but once I’ve […]

Prima Donna

Okay so I did think of something cheery to post. My finals are over I got the lead role in a short film about a month or so back. We’re actually done filming. I juts didn’t have time to post. The role was pretty relatable, the film being about depression and all.

Societal Rants ((And yes Oh Sweet Oz I’m back))

So I have been thinking… About all those schoolgirl series ((yes the plural of series is, well… series)) Enid Blyton writes… isn’t it fairly deep because isn’t it how society is? All the prejudice, the judgement, the silent bullying – yeah, that’s our world. If I were there, this is what I would do… I […]