Venn Diagrams

Are philosophical. The whole universal set thing… and how there will be some elements outside the union of sets… you know, those elements floating in the middle of nowhere… not part of the circles… I don’t care about proper mathematical names now, so long as you understand what I’m saying… those not part of anything, […]

Jour de Bastille (Bastille Day Special!!)

Okay. so I don’t celebrate Bastille Day. I still thought I’d post this, though. In 1793, on the sixteenth of October, the people of France cheered as a heavy metal blade sliced off the head of their wicked queen. Her name is infamous even today. She was Marie Antoinette. Marie Antoinette, who squandered the country’s […]

Hetalia on Broadway (or West End. Whatever).

This is what happens when my brain is bored after midnight and I have internet access. If you think I have done the casting wrong then please tell me in the comments thanks. Wicked: Elphaba: England G(a)linda: France Fiyero: Seychelles (admit it they both like her okay) The Phantom of the Opera: The Phantom (Erik): […]