Ballet Rats (Halloween Special)

I have been wanting to post this for ages, but I’d thought I’d reserve it for Halloween. We went on a school tour to the Science Centre quite some time ago, and we basically did nothing there – no proper tour, only a lesson that lasted around an hour or so, so most of the […]

Girls Who Scream In Silence

Picture thirty-seven adolescent girls, already drained of colour at fourteen years of age. Their eyes have lost its spark of youthfulness, and most of them have strands of silver hair. Looking at them, one really wonders if they are fourteen years old. Whenever he, their superior enters the room, their dead eyes will widen in […]

Exams Are Out

My Finals are coming back tomorrow, and I am about panicking right now. I feel so afraid. Honestly, I have never naturally been what you may call a ‘good’ student – but I’ve worked so hard for this, I know. I have burnt the midnight oil (fine, 2:30 a.m oil, in this case), revised, practiced […]