Cute Animals 1 :)

Sorry people but I might not be posting daily. Today I will be posting some animal cuties. Feel free to share your favourite cutie with me in the comments. From top: Fennec¬† Fox – smallest fox breed Artic Fox – Can change fur colour Red Fox- Also eats berries,hence an omnivore unlike what most people […]

:) Book Review (1)

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!¬† PSLE is FINALLY over!!! Oh, right. For those of you people who have’nt got a clue what PSLE is, it’s this MAJOR exam all Primary sixes (12 year olds) in Singapore have to take in order to move on to Secondary school. Hardwork+Stress+Freaking out =Good Grades+Preferred School. Is all this too much for a […]

REAL Indroduction

Hi World This is my VERY FIRST BLOG and I’m oh soooooooooo EVER excited!!! WARNING This blog is about personal posts ,reviews and stuff. It’s also about my works including drawings,etc.So do stick around here for a visit in your free time for a laugh, a squeal, fun,entertainment,even some help and tiny bits of randomness […]