Societal Rants ((And yes Oh Sweet Oz I’m back))

So I have been thinking… About all those schoolgirl series ((yes the plural of series is, well… series)) Enid Blyton writes… isn’t it fairly deep because isn’t it how society is? All the prejudice, the judgement, the silent bullying – yeah, that’s our world. If I were there, this is what I would do… I […]


Well, I’ll be heading off tomorrow. No phones, no books allowed, even. Just sleepless hours staring up at the ceiling and tent… ceiling? Underside? For two whole nights. Or so I’ve heard from my seniors. Two nights of emptiness, two nights of living hell. Well, wish me luck, you awesome people. I’ll be back to […]

Why Not Raise The Bar?

So school’s starting soon enough… and in case you’ve been wondering, I’ve been having the same luck for the past four years – mean teachers throughout. Make it five, if you count the Chinese teacher who shouted into my same ear every time when I was nine. And┬ámy luck with classmates? Got the type of […]

Girls Who Scream In Silence

Picture thirty-seven adolescent girls, already drained of colour at fourteen years of age. Their eyes have lost its spark of youthfulness, and most of them have strands of silver hair. Looking at them, one really wonders if they are fourteen years old. Whenever he, their superior enters the room, their dead eyes will widen in […]

Politics from My Point of View

This is awesome. I am having my periods 5&6 free – no Chinese class today! ^^ I’m pretty much blogging because I’m bored, and if you all don’t mind I’ll be talking about politics from my point of view. You know when it’s high school, the ‘time of your life’ and when you’re going to […]