Ok, DON’T touch the switches with wet hands. Because only pure water is an insulator of electricity; and the water on your hands is NOT pure water. It’s mixed with other stuff from your hands, like maybe sweat so, yeah. DON’T TOUCH THE SWITCHES WITH WET HANDS!!! …Unless you’re suicidal. Advertisements


We were flying model airplanes 2 minutes ago. Pretty awesome, considering the plane was named Canary after Amelia Earhart’s first plane. It flies pretty well, but I must give credit to my friend since I didn’t fold it. So I would like to thank my friend… AMELIA!!! Pretty amazing, a 13 year old girl with […]

Politics from My Point of View

This is awesome. I am having my periods 5&6 free – no Chinese class today! ^^ I’m pretty much blogging because I’m bored, and if you all don’t mind I’ll be talking about politics from my point of view. You know when it’s high school, the ‘time of your life’ and when you’re going to […]