Meine Güte.

I am trying not to scream, but I’ll get to that later. First off – my exams are over for now, one last paper to go, but that’s next week. We had math today, and it was really bad. The teacher had promised a hard paper, and mind you, she doesn’t break her promises. Ever. […]

Hetalia on Broadway (or West End. Whatever).

This is what happens when my brain is bored after midnight and I have internet access. If you think I have done the casting wrong then please tell me in the comments thanks. Wicked: Elphaba: England G(a)linda: France Fiyero: Seychelles (admit it they both like her okay) The Phantom of the Opera: The Phantom (Erik): […]

Who were they… really?

The witches of Oz, I mean, Well, surely they are all real people behind all their titles? AND WHY WERE THE WICKED WITCHES WICKED? Where’s our evidence for that? Especially the Witch of the East. She just got squished by a house. Ouch. So, presenting to you, The Witches of Oz – once three girls […]

Musical(s) Review

So I’ve not been posting for eons. But I presume that I have more time now that the Finals are over (WOOT! I’m moving on to Second form along with [I assume] the entire cohort of First Form [or Secondary one, etc.]) and school’s out for the year, I can post more often.   Here’s what […]