YEAHHHHHHHHHHH it’s been a year since this blog was created. Thank you all who are following and please don’t give up on this it’s actually worth the reading and maybe even commenting!! … and nearing one year since I graduated from primary/elementary/grade school 😦 I actually miss all my friends from there. So, if any […]

To my Followers:

Thanks for following! This is a blog of a very busy schoolgirl, which means I can’t post anything often. And all because I’m a teenage schoolgirl, don’t expect sappy posts about the hottest boys in my school primarily because there are NO BOYS in my school. Don’t expect posts about makeup and nail polish or […]

Something like a Book Review :)

Alright, so maybe I’m this random person who goes around actually reading my younger sister’s books if I get bored. Well I do, and if anyone else in the world does that then I guess good for you, especially if your sister isn’t reading Rainbow Magic and you want to escape from that crazy world at […]

Politics from My Point of View

This is awesome. I am having my periods 5&6 free – no Chinese class today! ^^ I’m pretty much blogging because I’m bored, and if you all don’t mind I’ll be talking about politics from my point of view. You know when it’s high school, the ‘time of your life’ and when you’re going to […]