Ballet Rats (Halloween Special)

I have been wanting to post this for ages, but I’d thought I’d reserve it for Halloween. We went on a school tour to the Science Centre quite some time ago, and we basically did nothing there – no proper tour, only a lesson that lasted around an hour or so, so most of the […]

Last Day of Term – and a Cross Country to top it all off!

The term really did fly. One moment I was ranting about my mean teacher, the next I’m used to it and the first quarter of the year has passed. Let me put it this way: Term One: January to March (what I call ‘Winter Term’ even though we have no winter – what a joke!) […]

Movie Review 1 :D

I almost just came back from my holiday… I had to pay for the Internet there, so…yeah. I didn’t really touch the computer for 1 week. Anyway, I’d like to thank all of you who actually commented on my blog ( I know who you are ). Right… I think I’ll give you all a […]