Ballet Rats (Halloween Special)

I have been wanting to post this for ages, but I’d thought I’d reserve it for Halloween. We went on a school tour to the Science Centre quite some time ago, and we basically did nothing there – no proper tour, only a lesson that lasted around an hour or so, so most of the […]

Last Day of Term – and a Cross Country to top it all off!

The term really did fly. One moment I was ranting about my mean teacher, the next I’m used to it and the first quarter of the year has passed. Let me put it this way: Term One: January to March (what I call ‘Winter Term’ even though we have no winter – what a joke!) […]

Movie Review (again)

So sometimes I don’t blog for months, and suddenly I’ve got three posts in a week. Let me explain: I’m having a five-day long holiday now! And not too much homework! So I’m going to blog about the 2013 movie Frozen, inspired by Hans Christian Anderson’s ‘The Snow Queen’. Movie starts of with five year old […]

Book Review (again)

Yay! I’ve had the time to READ again! (Yes, I’ve actually been too busy to read. Pathetic.) I’ve just finished reading The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls by Claire Legrand. Some say it’s a horror story, which almost put me off, but then they said it was a fun read and besides, I was […]

To my Followers:

Thanks for following! This is a blog of a very busy schoolgirl, which means I can’t post anything often. And all because I’m a teenage schoolgirl, don’t expect sappy posts about the hottest boys in my school primarily because there are NO BOYS in my school. Don’t expect posts about makeup and nail polish or […]

Movie Review 1 :D

I almost just came back from my holiday… I had to pay for the Internet there, so…yeah. I didn’t really touch the computer for 1 week. Anyway, I’d like to thank all of you who actually commented on my blog ( I know who you are ). Right… I think I’ll give you all a […]