Why Not Raise The Bar?

So school’s starting soon enough… and in case you’ve been wondering, I’ve been having the same luck for the past four years – mean teachers throughout. Make it five, if you count the Chinese teacher who shouted into my same ear every time when I was nine. And my luck with classmates? Got the type of preppy, popular girls who laughed at my hair all frizz and curls and social status ((I’m not rich. Story ends there. I’m not exactly poor either, and we always manage well, thank you)) for two years in Primary or Grade School, then the ‘cool’, popular sorts who sniggered behind my back for reasons unknown, yell at me for every little reason or basically just act plain cold. Once they even played a prank on me, but I don’t want to talk about my life story today.

Nope. I want to let people know that there are girls who have been emotionally tormented like me for more than anyone else would have liked, who have come home from school crying into the night, every night, and that we would like this torture to end. We want to go out into the world wearing ourselves on our sleeves without being judged. We want to be given a chance. We want people to realize that different is okay, and we want people to accept that, if they can’t appreciate it. Teachers and students alike. Well, I’m sorry if I’m not good at your subject, and I’m sorry if I don’t hand my assignments up on time, but I try. Can’t you see me putting in effort? Everyone tries, trust me. And I’m sorry if I’m painfully honest and cynical, but like I’ve said. Everyone’s different. I’m sorry if I put on an ice-cold, caustic mask, because I am afraid of being hurt. I’m sorry. I’m also sorry I’m gawky and suck at sports, because that’s just me. I wasn’t born for the rose and the pearl, and given the choice, of course I want to be, but some people just aren’t, and I fall into that category, so don’t be mean about it. Thank you.

So this new school year ((because school starts in January at my place)), let’s all try to raise the bar – let’s push our limits to accept others no matter how weird they may seem, and to those like me, let’s all try to give everyone who has hurt us a second chance. Or at least don’t be downright dour to them if they hadn’t done anything hurtful yet. I’m going to try, and I think everyone should too – just to make the world a slightly better place.

To those like me:

“Don’t be who you think they want, just be who you are!” ~ Amanda Green’s Just Be Who You Are, or The Fran Drescher Song.


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