Ballet Rats (Halloween Special)

I have been wanting to post this for ages, but I’d thought I’d reserve it for Halloween.

We went on a school tour to the Science Centre quite some time ago, and we basically did nothing there – no proper tour, only a lesson that lasted around an hour or so, so most of the time we could do whatever we wanted.

Prussia decided that she had ‘seen a totally awesome exhibition the last time (she) came that was nearly as awesome as (her)’ and dragged Canada and I to check it out for America and Italy were out of sight. (No I don’t want anyone to ship PrusAus or PrusCan when you read all this but ship if you must, though I must warn you that these are my friends who act like the nations, so it’s not canon).

They left the map-reading to me, but some call me Austria, so you can guess how wonderful my sense of direction was. Prussia got mad at me because I couldn’t read it right, and because she was ‘too awesome for the map’ anyways, it wasn’t needed.

We took the lift up to the second storey of the science centre – the main atrium part, which, if any of my readers who have been there would know, was kind of dark, lit slightly, however, in a faint bluish glow.

The first thing we saw when the lift doors opened (oh, horror, horror,) was the great, limp puppet (mechanical, I suppose?) that was made to climb up and down a long piece of rope. There, in the gloom and silence, a life-sized marionette staring at us.

Being humans, our natural reaction was to scream like the schoolgirls we were.

Prussia grabbed Canada and I and the three of us ran like we never had before (not even during PE class). We had no idea where we were going; we just ran. Prussia made this turn and there was a fake ticket booth, behind the glass another two life-sized puppets. I screamed again and instantly tapped Prussia on the shoulder and pointed.

That got her going and she sparked Canada off.

Reader, remember that the place is more darkness than light.

We walked around a few more exhibits (no more puppets, thankfully) and honestly, I was getting quite calm when Prussia screamed again.

She had spotted a small robot, those with gears and cogs and all to show you how the mechanisms worked. Canada and I jumped back and that was the limit.

I suggested we go back down and they agreed. Prussia wanted to take the lift again but I disagreed due to one too many creepy YouTube videos about ghosts appearing in lifts.

So we had to settle for the slightly dimly lit stairwell, with all its many pictures on the walls meant to ‘challenge your mind’.

In other words, after getting three frights in a row, the pictures were very disturbing.

Canada ran through the door fist, then me, Prussia being the last and therefore having to close the door. She did so, and the ‘click’ that came with the closing of the door frightened her out of her wits. She screamed again and Canada and I followed suit.

Not that the science centre was a scary place, so tourism board, don’t sue me. It’s just that we were a group of crazy ballet rats.

… Or was there really more to it that gave us the bad vibes? Was there something that science couldn’t explain lurking in the ever-moving shadows of the exhibits in the science centre?


Happy Halloween đŸ˜€


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