Meine Güte.

I am trying not to scream, but I’ll get to that later.
First off – my exams are over for now, one last paper to go, but that’s next week. We had math today, and it was really bad. The teacher had promised a hard paper, and mind you, she doesn’t break her promises. Ever. I’m dead.

And second of all, I’m part of the school’s newspaper club. It’s kind of a literacy-and-press thing, and we’ve stopped doing school newspapers, I have no idea why, but we do organize events like blackout poetry, one-piece art (which is like one-word story but one-piece art). It’s kind of fun, if you like that sort of thing, and we just had a whole Word Blitz thing, which is basically getting the school to randomly stop by and take part in these events. It was fine, except for one part:
This girl who played me out and made use of our friendship (NOT in a relationship way I am straight) and her friend who just does whatever she says (so they both played me out in the end) was left in charge of this event because our President of the literacy-and-press is in Junior year, and that means she has a different lunch timing from us Freshmen and Sophomores (I’m a Sophomore), and someone has to take charge of the event during our lunch.
Well that jerk got chosen. Just so you know, I’ve really wanted to be part of the team-in-charge, which consists of only five people –
The President
The Vice Presidents
The Head of Editorial
The Secretary-Treasurer
Apparently, to put her and her friend in charge means that the teachers have them in mind for the team, and me, honestly, I’m the one who doesn’t talk down to the Freshmen, I don’t tell on people, and I give all I can give to my friends (which is how that jerk made use of me; I am such a fool.). Yet I am being talked to like someone who has more limitations mentally than others by my teachers (they talk to me VERY slowly as though I have trouble understanding them and pat my hair and repeat their points over and over in that voice and they don’t do that to anyone else except for this other girl who is like me, we call ourselves Elphaba and Glinda [she’s Glinda]) and otherwise ignored.
I don’t get it.
I want to be Vice President.
And all that runs through my head now is the song ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ from Les Miserables. Oh and I can finally drag the ‘as they turn your dreams to shame’ bit.

But note-dragging, that’s a different thing altogether. It was a good thing that I found this to cheer myself up:



2 thoughts on “Meine Güte.

  1. first of all,I think you should reflect upon yourself before you write a blog about someone in your life that you’re close to now or even previously. it was the teachers who picked her instead. so instead of blaming on your friend,you should really think through why didn’t the teachers picked you but picked her instead? and don’t worry,there’ll be still chances out there for you! 🙂

    • Well, see, I don’t blame her, but to be honest, she did use me quite a bit and later on even admitted it. No apologies from her, however. You must understand that I am kind of hurt, and personally after all that I don’t see what the teachers see in her. Perhaps they didn’t want me because I was too gullible as demonstrated. Perhaps they didn’t want me because I can’t bear to be harsh to the Freshmen. It could be anything.

      True enough, the team-in-charge has already been chosen, for the Seniors are graduating soon and it’s time for us Juniors to take over. I’m not in it, but I didn’t not expect it. She got in, not to my surprise, of course, and I’ve just decided to take this as my lot in life.

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