Sounds like, fun, doesn’t it? Fancy masks, getting drunk, dancing…

But what if I told you we already live IN a masquerade?

No. Life isn’t that fun. We aren’t living in a masquerade.

Let’s get this straight. Yes we are. (I am being bored in class so if don’t blame me if I’m talking to myself.)

Think about it – how many times has your superior said ‘don’t do that or you’ll give our company a bad name’ or ‘behave properly so you won’t bring shame to our school’? How about the times when you paste a fake smile on your face when you’re on the verge of breaking and say ‘I’m fine’?

It’s because that’s how our society is. Nobody can bear to look at the truth anymore –  and you don’t want anyone to see the truth either. So we put on a perfect front and go on. A mask. The more elaborate the mask (or the bigger the pretence), the better.

…What if I said I want to pull off the mask of society.


I want to see the truth. I want to see who people really are, and to love life the way it is. No pretences, just the bare truth. The bare truth that I can laugh at and cry at, and love ultimately.

I don’t think I am ever going to see life that way.

No, not ever.

Because most people out there still insist on wearing their masks, and when someone rips off those hideous pieces of silk and feathers and pearls, I really wonder if they can bear to look at their faces in the mirror, or if they can even dare to think of taking off their masks. If everyone walked around bare-faced, limited, flawed, but ultimately beautiful nonetheless, what do we have to hide?

So even if most people out there will insist on hiding their faces and enjoy looking at the pretty surface of another, the least we can do (those of us who would prefer not to live in a gaudy illusion) is to take off our own masks and love the fact that we can so bravely do so.


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