I know many people have done this before, but here are my own opinions on the Hetalia Hat-Sorting…

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the Hetalia characters ever attended Hogwarts? For people who don’t know what Hetalia is, it’s basically an anime in which the characters are nations. It’s mostly based on historical facts and events, eg: Season One: Axis Powers is on WWII. If you don’t know what Hogwarts is (which I doubt), it’s the school of Wizardry that Harry Potter attends. If you don’t know Harry Potter, it’s a series of seven books which combines Nancy Drew and Enid Blyton in my opinion. You’d probably be clueless for the rest of the post in that case but read on if you don’t mind.

Recap: Hogwarts has four houses – Gryffindor, where dwell the brave of heart, Ravenclaw, where they are known for their wit and learning (that’s where I almost got into), Hufflepuff, where they are loyal and unafraid of toil, and Slytherin, where they are cunning and use any means to achieve their ends (that’s where I am).


Adnan, Sadık  (Turkey) — SYTHERIN! (Reasons: Just go watch Hetalia – you’ll know why)

Arlovskaya, Natalia (Belarus) — SLYTHERIN! (Reasons: The way she chases Russia… and she’s even more intimidating than him… and she is kind of stalks him which shows how she’d ‘use any means to achieve her ends’. Seems like she can qualify to be a Slytherin prefect).

Beilschmidt, Gilbert (Prussia) — GRYFFINDOR! (Reasons: He thinks he’s so awesome [I beg to differ], would want to be sorted with the ‘noble people'[the hat takes your choice into consideration] and is sort of brave too…).

Beilschmidt, Ludwig (Germany) — GRYFFINDOR! (Reasons: He’s really brave. Yep. End of story – just a classic Gryffindor)

Bonnefoy, Francis (France) — HUFFLEPUFF! (Reasons: Responsible and kind, not to mention somewhat loyal, he’d probably be a Hufflepuff prefect).

Braginsky, Ivan (Russia) — SLYTHERIN! (Reasons: He’s described as ‘childishly cruel’ and is really intimidating).

Braginsky, Irina (Ukraine) — HUFFLEPUFF! (Reasons: She’s really, really kind and compassionate. No kidding. She’d probably be a Hufflepuff prefect with France).

Edelstein, Roderich (Austria) — SLYTHERIN! (Reasons: I know you all expect him to be sorted in Ravenclaw but besides being intelligent and creative, think of how he treated Italy in his childhood, and you just know that he is the type that can be cunning [if you watch Hetalia, that is] and Slytherin does pride themselves on intellect too so, yeah.)

Héderváry, Elizabeta (Hungary) — GRYFFINDOR! (Reasons: She’s brave and noble. Nothing much to say but that. Pure Gryffindor – she should be a prefect).

Honda, Kiku (Japan [note his name is Honda Kiku NOT Kiku Honda; Kiku being his first name]) — RAVENCLAW! (Reasons: Does ‘Ravenclaws are known for their wit and learning’ explain this? I think so).

Jones, Alfred F. (America) — GRYFFINDOR! (Reasons: Brave and somewhat caring, he’d put himself in harm’s way to save others. I sense another prefect).

Karpusi, Heracles (Greece) — RAVENCLAW! (Reasons: He’s actually pretty smart and philosophical)

Kirkland, Arthur (England) — SLYTHERIN! (Reasons: Somewhat cynical, and sharp-tongued, he does seem suitable to be in this house…).


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