How Many Average Girls Out There?

Remember how I said I read my sister’s books? So somehow she got hooked on Enid Blyton’s Malory Towers series. I gave it a go because I got bored. At first I liked it, because I could instantly see the Harry Potter characters in them (them referring to the characters in Malory Towers). And then I realized some more serious matters.

Firstly – there’s this spoilt brat character (as there always will be) and well, I’m not blonde (obviously) but wHY is the brat always blonde? And also everyone is biased  against her since the very beginning even before she has shown her true self. And sometimes if you drill into people the labels you give them, maybe they will start to believe it all. So, she is a prima donna, sure, but maybe if someone did something other than to mock at her, maybe she would change.

And then:

 Pretty = good

Average = bad

To her, the average teenager is ugly. And this is a book about teenagers. I mean, how many teenage girls out there wear glasses, braces, don’t have a porcelain complexion and/or perfect hair? Anyone who looks that way is either weak or an antagonist. And then in the fourth book, some petite dudette came in with wavy red hair, glasses and braces and she comes in a weak character, making friends with that spoilt brat (AKA bad influence) and then when she goes over to the protagonist’s circle on friends, they remove her glasses and braces. I literally threw the book on the floor. I mean, how many girls out there aren’t how they look. Where’s the bit about ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’? Isn’t this just so superficial? What are they teaching kids? So when you’re good you’re beautiful… on the outside? Seriously? And then the spoilt brat, for some good reason, suddenly gets a bit plus-sized and then all the other girls in the book laugh at her. HOW MANY GIRLS OUT THERE CRY EVERY NIGHT THINKING ABOUT HOW THEY LOOK AND THIS IS WHAT YOU ENFORCE? THIS IS WHAT YOU ENFORCE IN YOUR BOOKS??? So everybody out there must be a size zero and have perfect teeth and vision to be good? Pure. Genius.

So to all the average normal girls out there like me, you’re beautiful. I don’t care what the world may say, but you’re beautiful, even if you aren’t the nicest person on earth, you must have something good about yourself. You’re beautiful and don’t you forget it.

Nice songs but don’t think that way!!!



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