What Happened BEFORE the Last Day of Term

Oh… the memories ^^

So we went on a field trip to Marina Bay. The first part was boring, but from lunch onwards, it was wicked. So the food was expensive, but the conversation was so awesome. I don’t even remember what we’ve talked about, but we’ve had a great time. We even took selfies.

The boat ride was cool – we sat on the open-air deck – just my clique. The rest didn’t want to risk sunburn. Neither did I. I put on sunblock and used an umbrella. What? We’ve got  sizzling tropical climate here. Seriously. And I had to eat TicTacs or risk motion sickness. But overall, it was fun. More selfies.

Did I mention we went window shopping before the boat ride and after lunch? America and Italy wanted to stay behind while Canada and Prussia were willingly dragged along by me ^^! It was sooooo much fun and everyone was hanging out at the candy store but nobody wanted to go into Sephora with me…\

I knocked out when I came home. Shop ’til you drop – literally.

And live while we’re young!


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