Last Day of Term – and a Cross Country to top it all off!

The term really did fly. One moment I was ranting about my mean teacher, the next I’m used to it and the first quarter of the year has passed. Let me put it this way:

Term One: January to March (what I call ‘Winter Term’ even though we have no winter – what a joke!)

Term 2: March to June (what I call ‘Spring Term’)

Term 3: July to September (what I call ‘Summer Term’)

Term 4: September to mid-November (what I call ‘Autumn Term’)

Of course we have breaks in between.

So yes – it’s my break now and so I am blogging. I think I should just start the excitement from the day before the run…

That dictator’s my science teacher, see. He conducted a file-check and I went that extra mile to file in some notes in the side pocket of the ring file. He totally seethed when he saw that and started criticizing me. And he wouldn’t accept it. Which made me really mad. I mean, “HELLO, I could be bothered, b***h!” When I walked back to my friend’s desk in the front of the class, I hollered, “well, if he won’t accept it, SO BE IT THEN!” and I hurled my file across the room to my desk. I don’t know if that was wicked or dumb. As far as I’m concerned, it was certainly wild. I don’t know if he saw it – he didn’t say anything and was checking someone else’s file. On second thought, he is the kind of creep who notices just about everything…

Now to the Cross Country around the school. I have a few friends and if you know Hetalia you can guess their personality!

Prussia ran 4 kilometres.

America did the full five,

Italy, Canada and I opted for the shortest distance – three. (What? I can’t be bothered!)

To put it simply, it was exhausting but fun. We were soon joined by two other friends from two separate classes – Belarus 2 and Denmark 2 (that’s because two of my friends from primary school were the original Belarus and Denmark). There was a H2O station where we got sprayed by water, the two 100 plus stations where we could get a drink, the Zombie Area where some students on duty and had run the day before were dressed up as zombies with fake blood an torn clothes (Belarus had to point out they were exposed) and even teachers who dressed up as mascots. We were supposed to guess who the mascots were and Italy and Denmark leapt onto one of them in the middle of the run and tried to wrestle the head off. Belarus, Canada and I just watched. Then Canada made us sprint past the Symphonic Band area because she was supposed to be playing but because of a music exam, missed the pre-run the day before and was forced to run on the actual day and hence was excused from performing (are you following? Just read it again if you aren’t). I guess it was pretty awkward for her.

Halfway, Italy and Denmark decided to race against each other, I needed to use the lavatory and only Belarus waited for me. So Italy, Denmark and Canada finished first, followed soon after by Belarus and I holding hands while sprinting the last hundred meters through the balloon arch which marked the finish line (no we’re not in a relationship it’s a friends kind of thing). We met two of my winded seniors while resting and then I went to get some iced tea. After that, we went to cheer Prussia and America on. We even saw some of our teachers running (not the dictator, though. Unfair. I would love to see him run – unless, of course, he can).

So yes, looking back, as we took selfies and even pictures of our running shoes put in a circle, it was a good term, exciting, to say the least. I had played Elphaba for a very mini school skit, we’ve had some fights along the way but hey! – we’ve come a long way – together. And the journey wasn’t just two or three miles long.


One thought on “Last Day of Term – and a Cross Country to top it all off!

  1. Austria. Why do i have a feeling that i’m Italy? can i just say Itabby is adorable.

    PS: i’m searching up Italy now. “Cheerful, energetic and irresponsible”. Can haha.
    (though i do NOT have a habit of stripping for 3pm siestas. sheesh.) ~Lan

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