Book Review (again)

Yay! I’ve had the time to READ again! (Yes, I’ve actually been too busy to read. Pathetic.)

I’ve just finished reading The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls by Claire Legrand. Some say it’s a horror story, which almost put me off, but then they said it was a fun read and besides, I was too fond of the characters to stop reading. Which was a good thing, because the novel, while initially seemingly creepy, ended up not being scary at all. In fact, I found it rather heart-warming and very interesting, even though I didn’t quite get the ending :(.

So a brief summary:

Victoria Wright, a practical, ‘perfect’ girl has a perfectly ordinary life: she goes to school in her prestigious and ‘perfect’ town of Belleville, scores straight ‘A’s in tests, obeys her elders and succeeds in pleasing them. But there’s just a speck in her immaculate world – her best friend, Lawrence, a potential musician. Unlike her, he’s a dreamer, slightly awkward and doodles in class. Basically, he’s a disgrace to their spotless town.

And then one day, Lawrence disappears. Victoria launches an investigation and discovers through the strange neighbour Mr Tibbalt that the children’s home run by Mrs Cavendish down the street is behind his disappearance – and those of other kids (and some adults) in town.

After Victoria is captured by Mrs Cavendish, she finds all the other missing children getting tortured in the Home. There’s Jacqueline, forced to paint perfect pictures and getting whipped if doing otherwise, Donovan who is starved, then force-fed, and of course, Lawrence, who is made to play on broken pianos. But Victoria discovers something greater than Mrs Cavendish’s evil plots and secrets – music. And it is music that saves the day, that triumphs over evil (me: awww… <3). Oh, and whether they all have been changed for the better or not (I do believe they have), they have been changed… for good (that’s from For Good from Wicked it’s an awesome song go listen to it).

This is basically a twisted version of Alice in Wonderland, I find. A little, anyway. Doesn’t sound so interesting when I type it out here, but trust me – it’s a good read. Especially to me, because I can associate with Lawrence (ME AND MY MUSIC FOREVER, I fail at using a comb and I doodle in class sometimes too) and Jacqueline really well (YES ME AND MY ART FOREVER TOO!) ,also because I am SO far from perfect (me: er… which Slytherin is perfect again? Oh, right. No-one.). Add that to the fact that music saves the day, I am in love with this book.


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