It’s The Hard Knock Life

Second Year. Secondary school.

I came in, hopes high. Fresh-faced into being a High School senior (there’s four years you spend here at my school – you’re considered  a senior student after one year and the freshmen come in), I was really looking forward to starting Second Year. You know the feeling where you just feel that nothing’s in your way?

And then everything goes wrong? That’s exactly what happened. So I came in, slightly late into my new classroom, elated to see all my friends again and hoping that the teacher would be a miracle. And that’s how wrong I was.

A miracle – ha! Now I can only look back at my ridiculous optimism and laugh bitterly. My new teacher was and is a complete tyrant. And Orwell’s Animal farm we studied for last year’s literature wasn’t helping in that – a revolution was out of the question. So what did we have to do? Pull through.

I’ve already been I trouble with him about thrice – in four stinking weeks. But he mumbles. He mumbles. The first time, on the first day of school, he let me off. The next time, on the third day, I wasn’t so lucky. Remember how I said he mumbles? So most of the time I was unable to hear anything he yelled when he was scolding me. Sorry. Mumbled.  The only thing I caught was his shout of ‘DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME!‘ Alright. I’ll be honest this time unlike the other day. I lied that day. I said I understood. Which was impossible given the circumstances I couldn’t catch a word of the white noise. The next time, well, let’s just say… I had to stand outside the classroom. But hey! No biggie. I’ve done that countless times in Sixth Grade or Primary Six, the year this blog was created. But unlike the last time, I’m not that timid little girl anymore. Who trembled in fear of the teacher. Despite trying to mask it – yes I have that Slytherin pride. I tried to look meek while not crumbling (not easy alright) and kept my cool. I just recited the lyrics of a song from Disney’s Frozen:

Don’t let them in… don’t let them see… be the good girl you always have to be… Conceal; Don’t feel; Put on a show… Make one wrong move and everyone will know…

And if he knew I was seething, I would have been dead. So I had to hide it. I also couldn’t just crumble under the intensity of the situation. So after he left me outside I began composing and song writing in my head. And that’s what I did for the whole 25 minutes.


First time – I forgot to bring my homework

Second time – I forgot my pocket thermometer

Third time – He got mad over a mysterious box at the back of the classroom and made anyone who was on cleaning duty that day stand outside. But honestly – Merlin knows what the box was there for. What did he expect? So my classmate volunteered to take it away when he told us to ‘in five seconds’. But the moment her fingertips touched the cardboard, he uttered, ‘five’. I was rendered speechless at this injustice.

But what can we, the students do? There’s only one agonizing answer – just press on.


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