I hate…

Emphasis on hate. I hate, as in totally detest, minions from Despicable Me.

I don’t know WHY on Earth the people at my school like them, or think they’re cute (me: I could vomit), but they just do. To me, they’re just PLAIN ANNOYING.

Maybe it’s peer pressure – if just one person who’s popular and has it all think they’re cute, then it spreads like wildfire. To me, that’s just pathetic. Why are (we) high school/ secondary school students so easily influenced? And why can’t I influence anyone? I just don’t understand. Why doesn’t anyone dare to be the non-conformist? And why does the non-conformist (like me or my group of ‘weird’ friends who are however ‘conforming’ this time round) get discriminated? Or is everyone truly liking, for example, minions? I don’t know; maybe I’m narrow-minded or whatever, but I don’t think thirty-eight, or thirty-seven people in the same class all liking the same thing at the exact same time with the exact same reasons why they like it is normal.

I’m confused.

Adjö! (translation: bye!)


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