Finally. The Dinner Meals

Remember the Dinner Meals I was ranting about? It finally came last night, while others were celebrating Independence Day. But I guess we had as much fun as the partying people on the other side of the world.

School was over by 12.55pm, and the dinner starts at 7.00pm. So we practically had 6 hours to spend (woo!). Bad news was, I was on stand by for performance and I FORGOT MY PIANO SCORES!! I thought I was pretty much dead (anyone would). So I texted my mom, who emailed me the scores (<3 you mom. @ the people feeling awkward now, WHAT?!)  It took 1.5 hours to print because of the stupid, faulty printer in the library. Then I had to go up to the Sapphire room where the dinner was held to practice. Technically I would have done my math homework, but if I was caught doing so, I’d be dragged to decorate the room. Okay, here’s how it works: there’s a room divider to separate the Sapphire room and a meeting room. The dinner takes place in the Sapphire itself. We stay watching, planning in the meeting room. So the decorations were in that room, and so were us, the decorators (yes I’m doing two roles because I couldn’t decide if music of art is better). Then we ordered McDonald’s for dinner (we aren’t allowed to eat while the parents eat. Blah blah blah. Teachers. -_-) and overpaid. Then we changed out our uniforms. I defined formal more formal than those b*tches who decided on miniskirts and low necklines in front of parents. I applaud them genius. Okay, fine. I was partially an idiot who ended up looking like Mozart. Or Beethoven. It was a fiery debate on which composer I resembled more.

People started coming in at SIX. I was, like, “GAH. What is wrong with these people it says SEVEN cor blimey!” And so that dude Amelia and I had to usher people (what? THREE roles now? You’ve gotta be KIDDING me). We were SO DEAD LUCKY to get our extremely blur friend’s overbearing mom (cor blimey again). It was awkward; a tall netball player in all black looking like a goth without the eyeliner and a petite ‘Mozart’ beside her leading a mother of a blur friend to a dinner cooked by other b*tches.

Anyway, I managed to finish my homework in the meeting room and then I was told they needed a performance – bad! I rushed to another piano, practiced, rushed back up and screwed up. But the crew made it look like their fault by tampering with the keyboard’s sound system. So I re-started and it went fine.

It was a lot of fun, we really enjoyed ourselves, and celebrated after it ended by bursting the balloons and snapping group photos.And we got rid of some of the false spirit, replacing it with some real one. If only everyone was so nice to each other like last night everyday, life would be bliss. But today they were back to being phony and mean, so, I guess, nothing’s going to change.


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