Something like a Book Review :)

Alright, so maybe I’m this random person who goes around actually reading my younger sister’s books if I get bored. Well I do, and if anyone else in the world does that then I guess good for you, especially if your sister isn’t reading Rainbow Magic and you want to escape from that crazy world at high school.

Okay, let’s just cut to the chase: I was browsing through my sister’s Roald Dahl books because I used to read those as a kid and I came across this deleted character called Miranda Mary Piker from an earlier version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. So I was pretty much getting curious and continued reading. Turns out, she was deleted because there were “too many characters in the book”, the author stated.

According to Dahl’s last few drafts, Miranda was this student of a prestigious school, with her dad as the principal. She’s an arrogant and smart girl who has some attitude (and FYI people out there if you didn’t know I DO like characters with attitude seriously who wants to read about or watch a Hufflepuff?! >;) Potter fans I bet you know what I’m talking about!).

So, yeah. To everyone out there, if they ever re-make the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE include my passive-aggressive favourite character Dahl ever created. Do read Spotty Powder to find out what happens to her. It’s all over the web. She didn’t die, so don’t make her. She probably got cut and slashed badly, though, but survived the way non-Hufflepuffs do. Especially us Slytherins but our greatness is for another post, if I feel like posting about it. How she got her ticket, it’s a mystery, but I’d like to think she got it through foul means, specifically stealing/confiscating it from another schoolmate who was put in the detention room for eating chocolate in class, and found a ticket. She could be rich, like fellow tourmate Veruca Salt, with whom I can see her having a Galinda-Elphaba friendship with (Veruca’s on Galinda). I bet the hat would sort her in to either Slytherin or Ravenclaw but fictional non-Harry Potter characters Hat-Sorting is for another post.

Tschüs! (Translation: Bye!)
P.S: Movie directors, I’m looking at you for the re-make. Just don’t, and I repeat DON’T ‘glam her up’ or something because Dahl created the character to be bespectacled, in a decent school uniform and her dark hair is in two plaits. Nothing hot about her, she’s just a nerdy schoolgirl, and I personally think you should leave her that way. I’m tired of how people try to sexualize everything now. -_- I’m sure many people out there are too.
Oh, and if you needed the translation, pay more attention in German class. Just kidding. Unless you DO take German class, of course, then I’m not.

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