Politics from My Point of View

This is awesome. I am having my periods 5&6 free – no Chinese class today! ^^ I’m pretty much blogging because I’m bored, and if you all don’t mind I’ll be talking about politics from my point of view.

You know when it’s high school, the ‘time of your life’ and when you’re going to turn 13 soon and everything sounds so cool? It’s not. Because of the feudal system. Things are even more vicious now, I must admit. Maybe we don’t know it, but even for a bunch of 12-13 year olds, life’s already a mind game and surviving yet another day of high school is victory. So here’s my answer to “would the feudal system still work in today’s contacts? Why/ why not?” It’s really my history assignment question, but here’s my views:

It still exists. We just don’t notice it, this world is a mind game, where the strong oppress the weak, and living to see a better tomorrow is victory – considering tomorrow won’t possibly be a brighter day. This even happens in our own little societies – take my classroom for example. The popular girls make fun of the misfits and throw their weight around. Being ignored by them is a blessing – it’s way better than being picked on. You could say I’m at the bottom of this ‘society’. It’s the outcastes whom I find myself with everywhere I go.

But then again, it’s my kind who start something, possibly a dream, become pioneers or even make a change for the better, also known as a revolution. It’s my kind who learns that life can never indeed give you all you’ve ever wanted. Let’s face it: life is ready to bring you down, only to pin you to the ground once you start to get up. It’s us who, through these times, discover ourselves. It’s us who grow stronger, more persistent people. More strong-willed, braver, and even more successful people.

… And maybe, just maybe, I’m proud to be rock bottom. For I know one day, some day, it’s my turn to win.



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