Clay tutorial

Hey world! Hope you awesome people had a great holiday! I know I’ve not been blogging for over a month, sorry for that. Please don’t give up on this because there will be new posts coming no matter what even if it takes a while – I’m a busy person. I’m always doing something, such as making cute stuff out of dough…

You know how some people make things out of polymer clay? Yeah, I do exactly the same, except that I use dough instead. You could make anything with dough, from donuts and ice lollies (or popsicle, depending on your location or style of talking, I suppose) to little animals. You can watch a few YouTube videos for inspiration and/or tutorials. I’ll link you to a video in a jiffy. But first, here’s a couple of tutorials from me .


You’ll need:

  1. Brown dough / clay (ok, you get it)
  2. Yellow dough
  3. White dough (optional)
  4. Coloured dough of your choice ( for yummy icing)
  5. Another coloured dough of your choice for sprinkles and toppings.


1. Mix brown and yellow to get a beige colour for your donut. If you find it too dark and your donut looks a little burnt, add some white.

2. Roll some of that mixture into a sphere a little larger than the nail of your thumb. Do not make it too small unless you want a tiny donut.

3. Gently flatten the sphere until it is donut-shaped.

4. Take a smidge of your coloured dough ( the one for icing) and press it until it is very thin (make sure it fits on the surface area of the donut and shows some of the donut as well. Also make sure it’s not too translucent.)

5.  Make the sprinkles. Use tiny bits of coloured dough and stick them on the icing. If you want, you can make cream squiggles (is that what they’re called? Sorry, I don’t eat donuts much) by using white or brown thin, tiny snakes of dough and neatly place them on the donut in an ‘S’ shaped pattern.

6. Use a drinking straw to poke a hole in the middle of the donut.

7. Bake the donut in the oven at 170 Degree Celsius for 15 minutes. Repeat until hardened.

8. After it cools, coat the donut with nail varnish to make it shiny.

Ice-lolly ( or popsicle, again, that depends)

You need : A brightly coloured dough of your choice



Black dough


1. Shape a little (again, not too little)  colourful dough slightly larger than the nail of your thumb into the shape of an elongated semicircle.

2. Use a smidge of black dough to make a smiley face.

3. Stick the face onto the popsicle/ice-lolly ( the shape you made earlier.)

4.  Measure the toothpick against the ice-lolly/popsicle. Cut off the acess of the toothpick (the non-pointy bit) but leave a little bit so that the stick is longer than the dough.

5. Stick the stick in.

6.  Follow step 7-8 of the above tutorial.

P.S: If you want, you can stick an eyepin into your creations before baking them. Dough is available in Daiso’s Singapore stores.

Here’s the link:

Have fun!



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