Movie Review 1 :D

I almost just came back from my holiday… I had to pay for the Internet there, so…yeah. I didn’t really touch the computer for 1 week. Anyway, I’d like to thank all of you who actually commented on my blog ( I know who you are ).

Right… I think I’ll give you all a movie review now. The movie I’ll be reviewing is…


Do watch the one with the SUBTITLES, NOT THE VOICE DUBBED. Mind you, the voice dubbing sounds pretty weird. Unless, of course, you don’t mind. You can find it on Youtube. I hope you don’t find it offensive to you and your country.

What it is about:

Movie starts off with Iceland, who notices an unusual green mist in the atmosphere. Meanwhile, a lady is on the streets being chased by strange, faceless aliens (not Slenderman,FYI). The aliens manage to capture her and change her into one of them. All over the world, more and more people are being transformed into aliens.

Because of the crisis, the World 8 ( N.Italy, Germany, Japan,  USA, England, France, Russia and China) held a meeting to see what they could do about it. Howewer, just like every other world meeting, there was too much arguing and it had to be called off. Each country attempted to ward of aliens in their own ways, but eventually failing. More and more places are destroyed, and this forces the nations to work together.

They hold another meeting at a temporary hideout, where USA contacts his alien friend, Tony. (Tony is not one of those faceless beings.) Tony starts giving the nations information about these odd beings. But before he has finished, he is also transformed into a faceless creature, or, from what he has told the nations, a Pictonian. This leaves the countries to fend for themselves.

Will they ever deafeat the Pictonians by themselves without blowing the mission? Or are they doomed to turn into one of them, too? Watch this crazy, humourous and thrilling movie to find out!


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