colour of 2013

Ok, I guess I’ve not be posting for a long time…so sorry people. The new ‘in’ colour for next year will be posted soon… just read on. Remember how I told you we awesome people are having fun now that PSLE is over? Yeah… we are actually doing rehearsals for our graduation concert. I’m in the choir, which works really hard singing until they drop (my friend fainted.) Not awesome.  Anyway, all that paid off. The concert on 2/11/12 was awesome! XD

BUT what’s even more awesome is 2013’s ‘in’ colour… wait for it.. keep calm… wait for it…it’s…

INDIGO!!! 😀  

Yes, yes,it IS indigo, Earth’s AWESOMEST colour and I’m sooooooooooo happy! Indigo is my fav colour because…

I love it’s deep, dark silence

Filled of melancholy in a beautiful manner

So lonely, somewhat reminiscent to the feeling you get when it’s raining at midnight when the moon is full.

You know, that hauntingly beautiful mood like a piece of wistful 18th to 19th century music.Imagine whispering in the dead of night.

That’s INDIGO. What’s indigo to you, awesomely random person? Do tell me in the comments.

Indigo happens to go well with some of my other fav colours, such as…

1. Violet. It’s bluish purple shade instantly puts it in the same colour scheme as indigo. Use this with indigo to create a mysterious look.

2. Black . Don’t be afraid of using such a bold and deep, dark colour. It works well with indigo for a dark, depressing mood.

3. Grey/Gray. (However you want to spell it.) This ‘dull’ colour is pretty awesome: It can go with pretty much anything. 🙂


3 thoughts on “colour of 2013

  1. Yo, Lyn! Haha, it’s me England! I got your letter from Ericka; Sad that you’re not coming on Monday, since that’s when I finally show up, even if it’s for just those three hours.

    Oh, and seriously, did the Crazies make you create this blog?

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